Namaste 🙏 and hello friends, my name is Kshitij Badkas, a cyber security researcher from भारत (India). Currently, I am preparing for the OSCP exam. I have an year of experience working in the development and security field.

My vision and mission is to build a good career in Cyber-Security along with strong programming skills across multiple domains. With this blog, I would like share my knowledge in the community, to learn as much I can, help beginners to explore Security and give everything I learn back to the world.

My interests are coding, playing CTFs, HTB challenges, web application security, bug bounties, and I want to learn the much dreaded Assembly language, Reverse Engg. and IoT hacking.

My hobbies are listening to music - mostly Indian classical and instrumental, reading, photography and gaming.

I am a passionate coder who likes making games and animations. I am also studying Graphics Development and Real-Time Rendering in OpenGL and CUDA.